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BEGINNING OF GAME - Everybody puts in $1 into the pot. You can choose how you want the money to pass from person to person, but easiest way is left to right, down the line. As the money is passed, the HOLDER of the pot has the current batter up. The money is passed with the changing of each batter. Depending on what the batter does, determines the payout or pay-in. In between innings, the person holding the $$ from the third out has an opportunity to win MOUNDBALL. At the start of every NEW INNING, everyone playing, antes up $1 each. The pots can grow big over several innings. Below are descriptions of how to play each situation. There are several ways to win money and lose money in moundball, but it is usually $1 at a time, so come with a lot of change, drink a lot of beer, and have fun!

MOUNDBALL - This is the name of the game. In-between each 1/2 inning, the catcher, umpire, or any other player or official usually rolls the ball out to the mound. If the ball stops ON THE MOUND, and STAYS, this is called 'MOUNDBALL'! You win the pot! The person eligible for MOUNDBALL is the person holding the $$ from the third out of the 1/2 inning. It needs to be visual evidence that the ball is ON THE CLAY and not on the GRASS. Those playing can vote with a 'thumbs-up' or 'thumbs-down' approach. This is fun, because people around you want to know what is so exciting about mid-inning and will want to join in. It is where the Pitcher picks the ball up from when he gets to the mound. If it is tossed to him or the ball never goes out to the mound, tough luck! Pass the dough baby!

PEOPLE JOINING IN - Make your own rules for people joining in, especially if the pot has grown big. It's not fair for someone to buy in for $1 and win if Moundball has been going for 5 innings and the pot is up to $50. The easiest way is to take an average of $$/person invested in the pot and ask the 'buy-in person' to match it. For example, if the pot is at $50 and 4 people are playing and a fifth wants to join, divide the $50/4 ppl, the buy-in is $12.50. Round up or down to the nearest $1, depending on if you think you'll like the person joining or not. Or you can be shallow and base it on looks if you want!

HOMERUNs - You win the entire pot! Doesn't matter how many runs it is unless it's a GRAND SLAM (see below).

RBIs - Person holding $$ takes $1 per RBI (don't get too technical on if it's an 'earned run' or not, just let them take $1 for every run that scores on behalf of the hitter)

GRAND SLAM - You win the entire pot, and everyone gives you $1 more

HIT, WALK, ERROR, FC, K-SWINGING, ETC. - Pass the $$ to the next person

HIT BATSMAN/HIT BY PITCH - Good stuff! The person to your LEFT AND the person to your RIGHT get to each take 1 swing at your shoulder. Remember that game, PUNCH FOR PUNCH? Good times. Carma is a beeeotch, so don't crush your friend, they will remember for the future.

STRIKEOUT LOOKING - Person holding the $$ puts in $1

HIT INTO DOUBLE-PLAY - Person holding the $$ puts in $2

YOUR BATTER GETS EJECTED - Match the pot and pass the $$. This one can hurt sometimes!

WALK-OFF HOMERUN - This is your game-winner in the last inning. The ultimate in baseball. You win the pot, and everyone give s you $5. First drinks at next bar are on you!

YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! If you leave to get a beer, bathroom, smoke, etc and it's your turn....sorry, it passes by you and you wait until it comes back. So, time your bladder breaks accordingly.

ANYTIME THE ENTIRE POT IS WON - Everyone playing, anti's up $1 again. This starts the new pot.


Feel free to add your own touches to the game and make sure to keep up with the drunk guy on the end! Taunt your friends when you win, make noise for MOUNDBALL in-between innings, and cause a scene in any way possible. This will ensure some nearby fans will want to join in. Careful on the 'causing a scene part' that it is not offensive too much as not everyone is there to drink beer and gamble on baseball...although they should be!

Last Updated: 3/8/2012